Our Hillsboro TX Ford service center is here to keep your vehicle in excellent condition!

If you're looking for a service center in Hillsboro TX for your Ford truck, SUV, or sedan, visit us! We've got a great service center, and we proudly serve shoppers from Waco and beyond with our excellent automotive maintenance skills. Our technicians are trained to know the Ford lineup inside and out, and they're up-to-date on the best practices for caring for your vehicle.

Common Services

If you need major repair for your Ford model, we can help! That said, most of the services we provide for Whitney drivers are the basics that keep their vehicle running smoothly and safely. The one we do the most often is the oil change, and while this is a basic service and relatively inexpensive (especially if you get an oil change service center coupon), it's important that you don't skip it, as fresh oil helps lubricate the engine and keep it cool.

The longer you have your Ford vehicle, you'll notice that the brakes aren't as spry as they were during the first few years, and that's expected. Ford has a brake service schedule, but if your brakes are feeling "spongy" before that or making a racket as you drive through Clifton TX, don't hesitate to bring them in ahead of the suggested schedule for an inspection. A lot of the times, nothing is wrong with the brakes, but we understand you wanting that peace of mind.

Another common service we provide is battery checks, and this is important because hot weather is rough on batteries. You should start having them checked around the three-year mark, and if you need a new one we can order it for you through our parts center. Signs your battery might be starting to die include flickering dash and overhead lights and slower starts. Also consider if you have a history of accidentally draining your battery a few times by leaving the headlights or interior lights on.

For more information on our services, contact our sales team or schedule a visit online!

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